UNO d Etching System

Watch the above video to see how easy our marking equipment is to set up and use!

Dimatron UNO d Electrochemical Etching System Kit

With the UNO d etch marking system it is possible to mark a wide range of different conductive materials with information of your choice. Logos, part/serial numbers, 2D codes can be created using both long life and short run stencil types and applied directly to your items. The marking unit is both compact and robust, specially designed by Dimatron to offer what are believed to be the darkest possible electro-etch marking on the market today when used in conjunction with Dimatron electrolytes and felts. The process itself is extremely simple, firstly plug the unit into your wall supply, connect the output and earth leads to the unit, connect the output lead to the hand held marker and connect the earth lead to the item you want to mark (or a conductive base plate). Next dampen the felt that is fitted onto the marker with electrolyte, interpose the stencil between the marker and the part, secure in place and then dab or stroke the marker over the stencil to build up the impression on the surface of the part – that’s it, as simple as that and you have a high quality mark on your item! We can supply stencils to a very large size, perfect for marking branding/identification plates onto large vessels for example – generally much larger (and faster) than possible with a laser and also without the need for any safety guarding! If you would like to know more or receive a quote please just complete the form below.

  • IEC mains connection cable, black – 2 metres
  • 1 off output cable-to connect etching unit to hand marker – 4 meters
  • 1 off earthing cable-to connect from etching unit to base plate or item to be engraved, complete with crocodile clip – 3 meters
  • Teflon handle for marker with quick connect to output lead
  • Teflon clamp for securing white felt to graphite electrode
  • Graphite electrode for marking
  • 500ml capacity plastic container to store used electrolyte
  • 1 litre container of electrolyte to suit your material
  • 20 off pieces of white marking felt 50x70mm
  • 1 off photographic long life stencil up to A6 in size
  • Transport case

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