Printers and Etching Stencils

For our short run etching stencils we offer a range of printers and output devices suitable for processing the direct thermal print on demand type stencil materials. These range from Brother P-Touch devices to wide format direct thermal printers.

Brother P-Touch devices offer a really cost effective way to produce your own single use instant stencils. The STe etching tape cassettes are available in 18, 24 & 36mm widths. These are simply loaded into the machine and away you go! PT-800W, PT-D600VP & PT-E550WVP Brother P-Touch devices are typical examples for use with these stencil cartridges.

With the wider type 100mm/106/200mm x 100m long etching rolls a direct thermal printer is used, standard printers can generally take up to 110mm wide and larger printers are also available which can accommodate up to 200mm wide rolls. We manufacture these here in the UK from the highest quality raw material, contact us for more details. Depending upon the printer model selected these sometimes have just a loading bay to load the etching roll in or in some cases have guides either side to hold the rolls in place. Examples of direct thermal printers for use with the etching roll material would be Brother TD-4520DN, TD-4520TN, TSC TTP-245c & Zebra GX430t.

The etching roll material itself is fibre backed and has a thin plastic coating, this coating is removed by the heat from the print head during processing to create the stencil, the quality of this stencil depends upon the printer resolution, we generally recommend a 300dpi device as this will offer really high quality results. For all types of direct thermal stencils we would expect a maximum of around 10 marks before the surface begins to break down.

We can also offer die impression/impact wax stencil material which can be processed through a manual/electric typewriter, dot matrix printer or in fact also written onto with a ball point pen! This is available in sheet/pack form or on tractor fed stencil paper rolls. This material, depending upon type, can be used for up to 50 marks before it starts to break down and is available in either packs of sheets or rolls. Standard rolls are available in 63mm & 95mm width x 30m long, standard packs of 40 sheets measuring 265mm x 400mm, other sizes are available upon request so please get in touch below!

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