Photographic Stencils

To electro-etch mark a conductive metal surface some sort of stencil is required, this can be a short run etching type (die impression impact stencil or thermal etching paper/cartridges) where the information required can be created by the end user with a range of different compatible printers or photographic long life type (typically over 4,500 marks can be made with each impression) manufactured by Dimatron.

XXL long life stencils are available in sizes upto 1.5×1.5 metres, these are believed to be the largest available on the market today, contact us for details using the from below!

Once you have your logo or wording created and output onto your metal etching stencil simply attach this to the part you need to mark and stroke or dab the marker over the stencil impression taking care not to stray off the surface of the stencil material, your mark will build up relatively quickly to reveal an exact replica of your design.

The long life etch marking stencil type can be manufactured in several different formats which all offer their own advantages:

  • Stencil Cap – formed into a ‘box’ open at one end for the electrode to be inserted, the information to be marked is contained on the face of the cap. The advantage of this type is for difficult to access spaces or for speed of marking if positioning is not extremely critical.
  • Stencil Mount – the stencil material is attached to a frame or tab made from plastic, this is either fixed all the way around the stencil or to the side/end. This type is very stable and also protected by the frame so is ideally suited where accuracy is very important, the stencil frame can be fixed into position and the item to be marked can be introduced to a fixed location under the stencil, this way repeatably of mark position is guaranteed.
  • Stencil Sheet – These offer maximum flexibility as they are supplied with no post manufacture additions, they can be wrapped around a curved surface and would generally be taped at one side in use to secure in place, ideal for marking branding and logos particularly on cylindrical, large or awkward shaped items.

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