CMS Partner – Dimatron GmbH

Contract Marking Services are very pleased to announce that they are now the UK partner to Dimatron GmbH which will allow us to offer our customers a complete range of electrolytic etching consumable items, find out a little more about Dimatron below, and about Tobias and Domenico specifically on our ‘meet the team’ page.

In contrast to most companies in the marking industry, DIMATRON GmbH do not specialise in the manufacture of direct part marking devices, but instead see their core business in the manufacture and sale of the necessary consumable items and accessories such as photographic stencils, electrolyte, felt, conductive net and more. Dimatron always concentrate on the details which are only supplementary to their competitors.

With this approach, Dimatron are able to keep overhead costs low, produce inexpensively and thereby offer you their product range at very attractive prices.

DIMATRON GmbH is an owner-managed company that has set itself the task of producing and selling accessories and consumables for the electrolytic marking process.

In total, the two founders Tobias Scherdin and Domenico Tierno have more than 34 years of experience in the “electrolytic marking” sector and know exactly what is important; offering their customers the best quality at very competitive prices!

Referring to this belief, Tobias Scherdin says: “Our aim is to maximise the customer benefit and at the same time to create an offer with which our customers can significantly reduce their operating costs.”

To fulfil this mission, it is important to listen very carefully to the needs of the customer. With this view of customer needs, DIMATRON, owing the the vast experience of Tobias and Domenico, have created a product range that stands out in many ways due to its level of sophistication when compared to their competitors. Please follow this link to the Dimatron website

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